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Living A Healthy & Fit Lifestyle is a Journey

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog.  I am a 46 year old mother, wife and mompreneur who loves everything health and fitness and enjoy sharing it with other wonderful women like me.  As women over 40, we all know what it’s like to struggle to maintain our weight or lose weight and keep it off when juggling career, being a mom, wife and hormonal imbalance. There are days when we are all up for the challenge and are all in and the next day when we say forget it and give up and resign to the fact that we’ll forever have that lovely muffin top.  The struggle is not easy so I decided to not give myself a timeline and told myself that I would just take it one step and one day at a time to reach my goals.

My personal journey to lose weight after 40 started about two years ago after watching the P90X infomercial like many other people and wondering “does that REALLY work”.  Being a bit skeptical, I decided not to get it because I didn’t want to fall victim to another “too good to be true” deal.  Another two or three months passed and once again I found myself drawn to that infamous P90X infomercial watching all of these people lose weight and get in Xcellent shape.

“Watching the P90X infomercial like many other people and wondering ‘Does that REALLY work?'”

At that point, I decided to go ahead and order the dvd’s. Besides it came with a 90 day money back guarantee and if all else failed I could at least get my money back after 90 days.  I could no longer watch that infomercial again and not at least try it because what I was currently doing wasn’t giving me the results I really wanted.  I figured with that type of guarantee I had nothing to lose but that nagging 15lbs I had been trying to lose since the birth of my daughter nine months prior.

“I didn’t know that as we got older we lose muscle which slows down our metabolism.”

After  having a baby at 41, I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to lose the weight after 40. I only had to lose 15lbs to get back to the weight I wanted to be and only 7 lbs to get back to my pre pregnancy weight.  I’ve always been active and ate healthy but didn’t realize the affects of turning 40 does to your body.  I was working out on my treadmill and elliptical and lifting light weights at home but never really getting into the shape I wanted to be in and not really understanding that my age was part of the problem.  I didn’t know that as we got older we lose muscle which slows down our metabolism.  I didn’t realize I needed to add more resistance training to my workout routine in order to get the results I was looking for.  I didn’t have time to go to the gym or hire a personal trainer so I decided to give P90X a try.

“All I had to do was Decide, Commit and Succeed.”

After buying the P90X dvds and really starting to understand more about nutrition and fitness for women and for my particular age group did I understand what I needed to do to reach my goals.  What I also didn’t realized being apart of the Team Beachbody community was the amount of resources available and that I wasn’t alone.  Beachbody provided me with everything I needed to succeed without having to step into a gym or hire a nutritionist or trainer.  As a busy career mom, I didn’t have time to go to the gym nor did I have time to put together a workout program that would help me to achieve my goals.  I had already done that and it didn’t work for me.  Beachbody had already done that for me. They had already put in place ALL the tools I needed to be successful at meeting my fitness goals. All I had to do was Decide, Commit and Succeed.

“It was a natural transition for me to become a Beachbody Coach.”

With all of the work that I was doing to reach my personal goals, it was a natural transition for me to become a Beachbody Coach. I’d always had a passion for fitness and I’m a believer that hard work and dedication will pay off.  I used to be a gym rat and also worked in a gym when I was in college.  Beachbody has provided me with an opportunity to build a fitness business and the tools and training to continue to grow my business.  What makes this a natural fit for me was that I could continue to do what I was already doing but also help others who may be going through what I’m going through.  Beachbody is a great organization that produces fitness programs and supplements that really make a difference in people’s lives.  When people notice that you’ve lost weight they want to know what you’re doing.  When I tell them I’m doing P90X, Insanity or ChaLEAN Extreme and then they get it and they have success it is exciting and empowering to me.  I enjoy helping people reach their health and fitness goals and realizing the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.  Beachbody is people helping people – from all around the country – working towards one common goal: Reversing The Trends of Obesity: One Relationship at a Time

“My Journey Continues!”

Sure we would all like a magic pill but unfortunately there isn’t one and we just have to put in the work and make a few sacrifices.  I hope that my journey will inspire you and help you to reach your goals.  I’m not perfect and don’t try to be.  My journey continues. I still have work to do and goals to reach. I have found that you never stop working at maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. As Beachbody continues to introduce new and innovative home fitness programs like Insanity: The Asylum, Les Mills’ Pump, P90X2 Body Beast and Focus T25, my goal to get SUPER Fit After 40 will continue. Join me on this wonderful journey. No matter what your goals are I can help you achieve great success in reaching your health and fitness goals and living a healthy lifestyle. Interested in joining my Beachbody 90 Day Fitness Challenge? Contact me for more information.

“Join me in Reversing the Trend of Obesity: One Relationship at a Time!”


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