The Veggetti is the Simple Way to Help Me to Eat Clean!


Make Perfect Pasta without the Carbs

I know (and I’m sure some of you may know as well) that eating clean daily is not easy.  But it’s nice when you find ways to make it simple especially when you’re prepping which can be time consuming.  A group member in my women’s only group on Facebook introduced this lil gadget to the group the other day and I immediately had to go out and order me one.  I had just had a conversation with a friend on making  zucchini spaghetti and I mine turned out crappy.  By coincidence the following day a lady in the group posted this wonderful lil kitchen gadget.  So I went to Amazon to read about it and look at some of the reviews. After reviewing the reviews which were awesome and contributed to my decision to buy, I immediately ordered it.  I’m an Amazon Prime  member and I knew my Veggetti would be here the next day.  I was too excited and couldn’t wait for it to come!  I was looking forward to enjoying spaghetti night without all of the carbs and now I can have spaghetti and not worry about blowing my diet that day especially after working out.


The Veggetti makes it fast and simple to turn your healthy veggies into healthy, delicious spaghetti. Eating veggies the same way can get boring. The Veggetti makes it fun and provides a variety of options by easily changing the way you eat your vegetables and cuts prep time in half. Most kids hate to eat their vegetables but LOVE spaghetti. You can easily “trick” the kiddos into eating healthy vegetables without all of the fuss. I think that alone makes getting the Veggetti worth your while! LOL


The Veggetti makes slicing veggetables easy because it has 12 sharp stainless steel blades that easily slice through vegetables making thick or thin pasta strips. It works on vegetables that are two and a half inches or smaller in diameter and the waste from unused veggies is minimal (smaller that your pinky finger).  The most common vegetables used are squash, zucchini, carrots and potatoes.  The Veggetti is manually operated and doesn’t require batteries.

What Makes Veggetti Special!

Easily turn your favorite veggies into healthy pasta

Create low carb dishes

Makes low carb spaghetti, stir fry, juliennes and much more

Great for zucchini, carrots, cucumbers and potatoes

Dual stainless steel blades for slicing thick and thin veggies

Dishwasher safe

Easy to hold – Ergonomic Grip

Don’t wait get your Veggetti today!!  


Get Your Veggetti Spiral Cutter!


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