The Beachbody Ultimate Reset – Your 21 Day Healthy Detox & Cleanse

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The Beachbody Ultimate Reset – Your 21 Day Healthy Detox & Cleanse

What is the Beachbody Ultimate Reset?

The Beachbody Ultimate Reset is not your typical detox and cleanse regimen. It is a comprehensive, internal tune up and non-starvation healthy detox and cleanse. What’s unique about the Ultimate Reset is that in addition to helping your body to naturally eliminate toxins and waste, it also helps to maximize your cellular energy production which helps your body to process foods more efficiently and helps your system to run more smoothly. During the 21 days, you will eat clean and take supplements that are made to help remove toxins from your organs that have been taking in for years.

The Ultimate Reset 21 day program is divided into three phases that are 7 days long. The phases are Reclaim, Release and Restore. The Reclaim phase is designed to reclaim your body’s natural balance. Your body must be in balance to function properly and effectively lose weight.  The Release phase helps your body to release harmful toxins that you have been storing for years. Lastly, the Restore phase will help to restore your system to its maximum health.

This 21 day cleanse will gently restore your body back to it’s “original setting” so you can look, feel and be healthier.  People who have successfully completed the Ultimate Reset healthy detox and cleanse have experienced the following benefits.

The-Ultimate-Reset-WeekImproved digestion                        Increased energy

Weight loss (BMI improved)    

Flush toxins from organs

Lowered cholesterol                      Positive mood & better focus

Eliminated dependency on sugar & caffeine

Improved overall health

Why do you need to do the RESET

The environment that we live in has become more toxic and full of pollutants.  Every day our bodies absorb these harmful chemicals every day of our lives from the air we breathe to the food we eat and water we drink.  Over time these toxins become stored in our bodies and begin to affect its daily functions.

The Center for Disease Control found that the average American has approximately 219 toxic chemicals in their body.  The toxic levels overload the system and can lead to obesity, diabetes, premature aging and cancer.  According to the American Cancer Society about 75% to 80% of cancer deaths are a result of environmental toxins.

In order to release these toxins from your body, you have to do more than eat a healthy diet and workout. You have to work to get those toxins out of your body by committing to do a healthy detox and cleanse like the Ultimate Reset.  If you’re interested in learning more about the Beachbody Ultimate Reset healthy clean and detox enter your info in the box and receive your FREE Ultimate Reset DVD and a FREE bonus gift.

 What Do You Get In Your Ultimate Reset Kit?


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