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On a Mission to Burn Belly and Lose that Stubborn Last 10lbs after 40!!!

If you’re anything like me you know how difficult it is to lose weight after 40.  Being an over 40 endomorph body type makes this a difficult task. But I’m not giving up and I’m determined to reach my goals.  I’ve been trying for about two years to drop 10lbs. I have gone up and down and gotten really close but after a knee injury 12 months ago that lead to surgery all of my hard work went out the door. So now I’m finally able to fully get back at and I’ve chosen P90X3.

Today was my first day of P90X3. I didn’t realize how much I missed working out with Tony Horton creator of P90X and P90X2.   His workouts are so different and unique.  Today I started my 90 day journey with Total Synergistics. It was ONLY 30 minutes which went by VERY quickly. Since it’s my first day I was a little off balance and missed a few reps but otherwise I was proud of my performance. I was shocked at how many of the exercises I was able to do. So I guess I’m in better shape than I thought.

Total Synergistics is a total body workout that includes exercises that work more than one muscle group at a time.  It focused on core movements and balance.  I kept losing my balance doing some of the moves but it’s my first day and I know I will improve over time.  What I found about P90X3 is that it’s not easy. It’s gonna challenge from the first to the last move.  The biggest plus is that it’s only 3o minutes. Since I’m a busy mom who works a full time job this is perfect for me. It’s great to finally only be able to workout for half and hour and still get great results. I’m looking forward to what P90X3 has in store for me over the next 90 days as I try to lose weight and get fit after 40.

I have a P90X3 H.E.A.L Challenge Group starting soon. If you’re interested in losing weight and getting fit after 40 by summer then the  H.E.A.L Challenge Group will help you get there.  Don’t hesitate spaces fill up quick!  Fill out the form below so I can help you get started today!

This Video is What Convinced Me to Get P90X3!

Join Me and Let’s H.E.A.L together!!

H.E.A.L Campaign

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