Make Your Resolutions Stick with this 3 Week Plan

Soon it will be 2014 and you (and me too) will once again resolve to start living a more fit and healthy lifestyle and FINALLY lose the weight that keeps piling on year after year.  Yes you and I are busy with family, work and other commitments but this time it will be different.  I’ve said this over and over again and so have you.  I’ve been stuck at a plateau for over 3 years now trying to lose the same 10lbs.  I’ve been trying to reach the same goal for way too long and each year I tell myself that this year will be different.

I’m so tired of telling myself this every year but this time it REALLY is going to be different. I’ve learned a lot over the past year about what it takes for women over 40 to successfully lose weight, get rid of belly fat and lower body fat.  I’ve learned a lot about my body type and what it takes for an Endomorph body type to lose weight.  I really have to focus on my diet. I have the workout part down but I know I have to eat way cleaner than I’ve done in the past and I know I have to stick with it and not cheat. Most importantly I cannot give up and neither can you. So here is a three week  motivational plan to help you and me reach our goals and stick to our goals this year.

According to Brian Tracy in the book Eat That Frog!, it takes 21 days or three weeks for a new habit to become an act that you perform automatically. This three week plan will give you a week by week plan of attack to help you achieve your fitness goals this year.  If you follow these simple strategies you will reach your goals by the end of the year or sooner and fitness will become a part of your lifestyle.


Set your goals. Your goals should be achievable. If you’re just starting out then don’t set a goal to workout six times each week. Start with two or three days and then work your way up. Setting goals too high will cause you to be discouraged if you don’t reach them.  The same holds true for your weight loss goals.  You shouldn’t try to lose 5 lbs a week. Stick to 2 lbs weekly because it’s an achievable amount.  Don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon.  Don’t get discouraged or quit. Just start back over the next day.  Don’t forget to treat yourself once you make it through week one.  Don’t treat yourself with food but instead treat yourself to a mani/pedi with a friend. It’s always a great idea to treat yourself to something special as you progress each week.


When you’re doing your workout do the moves you like first.  When you start your workout with exercises that you dread doing then you’re less motivated or don’t find your workouts enjoyable.  When you start with the exercises you like then you will look forward to your workouts.  Also consider adding an accountability partner or joining a challenge group to help you get through those tough days.  Studies have shown that having an accountability partner helps you to meet your weight loss goals and to stay on track.  You should also take advantage of the technology available to help you to stay on track and accountable.  For example, recording your meals in or using Fitbit monitoring has been helpful in increasing success. Lastly for week two, don’t forget to revisit your goals and remind yourself that it only takes less than an hour a day three to five days each week to reach your goals.  And if you’re really tight on time consider Shaun T’s Focus T25 which is a 25 minute workout or Tony Horton’s P90X3.  P90X3 is a 30 minute daily workout that gets extreme results in 90 days like P90X.


During this week you should try something new.  By adding variety to your exercise regimen you’re likely to stick with it and you won’t get bored.  Try a 5k or take a group class like Zumba or kickboxing.  During this third week, you should consider reviewing your goals.  Look at where you are and reassess your goals.  This is also a great time to pat yourself on the back for making it to week three.  Write down your achievements over the past three weeks.  By focusing on the positive achievements it will help to stay positive and continue to move forward.



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