I Lost 9lbs in 21 Days on my 21 Day Healthy Cleanse & Detox!

My Final Results on the Beachbody Ultimate Reset

I finished The Beachbody Ultimate Reset 21 Day healthy cleanse and detox. I am so excited because I lost 9lbs and that’s exactly what my body needed to jumpstart my new workout program Focus T25.  I had been stuck at the same weight or weight range for over a year. I was frustrated and didn’t know what else to do. I had revisited my diet and made changes but nothing worked. So after having surgery on my knee I stopped eating clean everyday and could no longer workout and I noticed that I was gaining weight.  Since I couldn’t workout I decided to do the Beachbody Ultimate Reset so I could lose the weight I gained and be ready when I started to workout.

Over the past 21 days I have prepared some of the best vegetarian and vegan dishes and fell in love with many of them.  Before I started doing this healthy cleanse and detox, I watched the video that featured the test group of participants who told their stories about their issues with their weight, food and health problems.  Some stated that they felt lighter and I didn’t understand what they meant until I actually started the 21 day cleanse and detox.  Towards the end of the detox I started to understand how they felt. I did feel lighter and not because I lost weight.  It’s just a feeling that I can’t describe. When I looked in the mirror I saw a different person and felt happier and looked forward to the day ahead.

Lessons Learned on the Beachbody Ultimate Reset

There are some lessons that I learned on my 21 day healthy cleanse and detox journey.  Preparation is the key to success on this program. Because you have to take your supplements 30 minutes before your meals and two hrs after your last meal you have to plan your meals so that you don’t miss taking them or miss meals.  I found that weekends were VERY difficult for me and found myself out running errands and starving because I can’t eat anything until I get back home. I later learned to bring my supplements and snack w/me so that I could stick to the program.

Another lesson learned was the amount of time spent shopping for hard to find items.  I later found out that I could have purchased some items at Amazon, which would have saved me a lot of time and money especially since I could have just used the “quick meals” menu.

One piece of advice I wanted to share which is something I wish I knew about ahead of time was the alternative menu.  It was the “quick meal” menu.  It has a list of easy to prepare meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner during each phase that you can substitute for a meal on that particular day.  I often turned to this menu when I didn’t have time to prepare one of the meals.  If I would have known ahead of time it existed it would saved me a lot of time and money shopping for foods that were VERY hard to find.

Overall the Beachbody Ultimate Reset was exactly what my body needed. It went by quickly.  I not only lost 9lbs but I learned a lot about the importance of detoxing and why we need to cleanse and detox our bodies.  I also found that I’m not dependent on coffee any more.  By following the meal plan and eating meals from scratch, my body’s dependence on caffeine and sugar slowly disappeared until I didnt realize that I no longer wanted it.  Although it was not easy and there were times I wanted to give up, I’m glad I made the decision to this 21 day healthy cleanse and detox. Even as I go through the transition phase, I can’t seem to stop eating the foods. To learn more about the Beachbody Ultimate Reset and get your FREE DVD fill out the form below! 




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