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Take the Beachbody Fitness Challenge

I am starting an EXCLUSIVE Beachbody Fitness Challenge Group on January 7 and 14, 2013. I’m providing daily PERSONAL Coaching. I am limiting the group to 5 members to ensure individual attention from me on your Fitness & Nutrition. I would LOVE to work with you! Below you will find the requirements to participate in […]

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Week 3 Begins with Chest & Back

This is my third and final time performing this particular workout during Phase 1 of P90X.  I was dripping sweat like Plyometrics (tomorrows workout) after completing the Chest & Back.  This workout consists of multiple versions of the push up and pull ups.  The various types of push ups include the regular push up, military […]

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Day 13 Kenpo

I completed my thirteenth day of P90X.  I did the Kenpo X workout which is one of the cardio routines.  Kenpo is a Japanese martial arts form with its origins from China.  Today it has a stong influence in Hawaii.  There are many variations to this martial arts style.  Some of the most popular Kenpo […]

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