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The Eat Clean Diet Stripped – Lose 10lbs in 28 Days

    The Weight Loss Plan for Losing 10lbs My journey to lose weight after 40 has been full of ups and downs and the occasional moments where I gave up. I learned that diet was the key to success on this journey and that would be the only way I would reach my weight […]

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Beachbody Ultimate Reset – Day 21 of my Healthy Cleanse & Detox

I did it!!! I completed the Beachbody Ultimate Reset 21 day healthy cleanse and detox.  I’m so proud of myself. This journey was not easy.  There were times I just wanted to give up but I kept telling myself I CAN do this. If I can do 60 days of Insanity, 30 days of Insanity: […]

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Eat Clean & Lose Weight Fast

Diet is important for successful weight loss. Some people are bothered by the word “diet” because it has a negative connotation. People automatically start to think about what they CANNOT eat. The Eat Clean Diet is not a “diet” but a lifestyle and helps you to lose weight fast and keep it off. People who […]

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