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It’s A New Year and It’s Time To Bring It!!

P90X – Ready, Set, Bring It! After a long break from P90X, I’m ready to bring it.  The hardest part about getting back into the swing of doing P90X is getting over the initial soreness you experience at the beginning.  Today was my second day and I did the Plyometric workout.  I was already sore […]

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Beachbody Is Transforming Lives

You’re probably wondering what is Beachbody.  You probably don’t realize it but if you’ve seen the Hip Hop Abs commercial, P90X, Insanity or Slim In 6 infomercials then you’ve heard of Beachbody.  Beachbody has the most popular at home fitness programs and have been producing them for over 10 years.  Beachbody is responsible for the […]

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P90X Fitness Program Plyometrics Workout

The P90X fitness program has the best cardio workout for burning fat and losing weight fast as you build strong, lean muscle.  Plyometrics is a sweat dripping, calorie burning workout!! One of the best cardio workouts ever! What is plyometrics? Basically, it’s jump training.  It’s designed to improve your performance in sports by producing fast […]

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