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The Eat Clean Diet Stripped – Lose 10lbs in 28 Days

    The Weight Loss Plan for Losing 10lbs My journey to lose weight after 40 has been full of ups and downs and the occasional moments where I gave up. I learned that diet was the key to success on this journey and that would be the only way I would reach my weight […]

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My Journey Continues with The Eat Clean Diet Stripped

I am doing the P90X fitness program while doing The Eat Clean Diet Stripped plan.  Because I’m so set in my ways and I love to use Splenda, Equal or Raw Sugar in my coffee with nonfat cream and I can’t live without my Lite Vanilla Soy Milk and Sargento Reduced Fat Cheese, I thought […]

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Healthy Weight Loss Plan – The Eat Clean Diet Stripped Day 1

Today is the first day of my Eat Clean Diet Stripped weight loss plan. I read the book and understand what I need to do over the next 28 days to lose that last 10lbs.  I’m currently doing P90X and I’m in the final phase but I know to get the results I really wanted […]

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