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ChaLEAN Extreme Is Great for Losing Weight After 40

Stop Over 40 Weight Gain & Burn 60% Body Fat Can you imagine a fitness program that allows you to lose up to 60% of your body fat in only 90 days? The creator of Turbo Jam and Turbo Fire, Chalene Johnson, has created a 90 day fat burning, muscle toning workout that’s designed to […]

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ChaLEAN Extreme Fitness Program Push Phase

After completing the Burn Phase of the ChaLEAN Extreme fitness program, I was excited by my accomplishment and was ready to move on to the Push Phase.  The Push Phase also consists of three circuits.  During this phase is when you push your body beyond its limits and start to see your physique take shape.  […]

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Eating Clean with ChaLEAN Extreme

The Eat Clean Diet Stripped book has one of the simplest weight loss programs to follow for people needing to shed that last 10 lbs.  After being on the weight loss program for 21 days, I found this week very challenging for me.  Not because the plan was difficult to follow but because I didn’t […]

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