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Take the Beachbody Fitness Challenge

I am starting an EXCLUSIVE Beachbody Fitness Challenge Group on January 7 and 14, 2013. I’m providing daily PERSONAL Coaching. I am limiting the group to 5 members to ensure individual attention from me on your Fitness & Nutrition. I would LOVE to work with you! Below you will find the requirements to participate in […]

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The Eat Clean Diet Stripped Day 2

The one thing I can definitely say about the “stripped” down version of The Eat Clean Diet is that I AM NOT HUNGRY at all!! When you go on a diet that restricts what you can and cannot eat the first thing you think about is that you’re going to be hungry and that you’re […]

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How I Feel About P90X After 6 Weeks

I just wish I had started P90X six months ago.  I had been watching the infomercials for months now and like most people who sit and watch late night infomercials wonder if it really works. Well, six weeks into the program I can definitely say YES!!! I have lost five pounds and a total of […]

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