Shakeology Tropical Strawberry – Not Just Another Healthy Meal Replacement Shake

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What is Tropical Strawberry?

Shakeology Tropical Strawberry is not just another healthy meal replacement shake.  It is a healthy vegan meal replacement shake. The tropical flavor features strawberry, banana, pineapple, coconut and papaya.  What makes the Strawberry Tropical Shakeology different from the original flavor is that it contains a proprietary blend of plant-based proteins.

This proprietary blend of plant-based proteins is a combination of superfoods.  These superfoods include raw, sprouted, bio-fermented brown rice, Sacha Inchi, Shakeology-Tropical StrawberryChia, Flax, Quinoa, Amaranth and Spirulina.   All make up the proprietary blend of plant-based proteins.  These proteins are easy to digest and provide all 9 essential amino acids. This blend of plant-based proteins has a smooth creamy texture without the grittiness associated with other Vegan proteins.   Other powerful superfoods that are found in this healthy meal replacement shake are konjac root, Himalayan salt, Luo Han Guo and Coconut Flower Nectar.  Each of these superfoods has great benefits individually but when you include them all together in one healthy meal replacement shake they pack a powerful punch.

  • Konjac Root slows down how quickly the stomach empties after a meal so you feel full longer. It promotes satiety to help reduce cravings and contains Glucomannan a dietary fiber that absorbs 200 times its weight in water.
  •  Himalayan Salt completely natural and toxin free, relatively untouched and has more than 70 trace minerals
  • Coconut Flower Nectar is a naturally sweet and nutrient rich nectar that comes from coconut blossoms. It contains amino acids, minerals, Vitamin C and Vitamin B. It’s naturally low on the Glycemic Index and produces slow energy release
  •  Luo Han Guo low calorie, low glycemic fruit that lends complex sweetness to foods.  Helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, aids in weight loss, works as a antioxidant and helps to support the immune system. It’s traditionally used in Asia for medicinal purposes.

Why Drink VEGAN SHAKEOLOGY If You’re Not Vegan?

Did you know that replacing one meal a day with plant-based proteins can help you:*

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Have fewer digestive issues
  • Feel lighter and more energetic

And you don’t have to follow a 100% vegan diet to enjoy the incredible health benefits that come with eating more plant-based proteins. All it takes is one vegan Shakeology a day to feel a HUGE difference.

If you’re interested in trying Shakeology Tropical Strawberry then request your FREE sample today!


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