Maca Root – Control Hormonal Imbalance to Lose Weight After 40

Maca Root is one of the many ingredients found in Shakeology and is one of many superfoods that should be included in your diet if you’re trying to lose weight after 40 and control the affects of perimenopausal weight gain caused by hormonal imbalances. It is indigenous to the Andes Mountains of Peru and has been around as early as the 16th century. It was first used by the Incas over 2000 years ago for energy and endurance and sold for its medicinal purposes. Because of its potency, the Incas restricted the use of Maca Root to royalty.

Maca Root is a nutritious super food that has high amounts of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It’s a great source of B vitamins, the energy vitamins and is also a vegetarian source for the B-12 vitamin. In addition to providing you with energy, Maca Root also helps to balance hormones.

Hormonal imbalance occurs in women in their mid 30 to late 40s and is attributed to weight gain especially in women over 40. Hormonal imbalance in women occurs when progesterone and estrogen levels are not in balance. This occurs when the pancreas produces insulin which leads to excess storage of glucose thereby leading to more fat storage.

Maca root balances the hormones by stimulating and providing nourishment to the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus gland which are the body’s master glands. The master glands of the Endocrine system regulate all of the body’s other glands including the ovarian glands and the pancreas by bringing balance. Maca root provides a natural alternative to regulating hormonal imbalances because it is an adaptogen. By working in the system as an adaptogen, maca root is able to respond to the body’s individual needs by regulating and controlling the production of hormones. If you’re producing too much of a hormone it regulates the production of that hormone downward and if you’re producing too little of a hormone then it regulates the production upward.

As a result of Maca Root’s ability to regulate hormones it can control various symptoms that result from hormonal imbalances like mood, sexual development and weight gain by controlling metabolism. Studies have shown that Maca Root is great for controlling hormonal imbalances associated with PMS, menopause and hot flashes. It was also found to improve fertility, sexual function and libido in men and is known as “nature’s Viagara”.

Maca Root Hormonal Imbalance


What are Adaptogens?

Maca Root is an adaptogen. Adaptogens is a term used by herbalists to describe herbs that are said to improve the body’s ability to adapt to and avoid damage from the environment. Adaptogens work with the body to help rebuild weak immune systems, provide minerals to caused by undernourishment and increase endurance and energy.

Maca Root is often referred to by scientist and doctors as the Endocrine Adaptogen. As previously mentioned, it naturally regulates hormone production. As the Endocrine Adaptogen, maca root supports and regulates the endocrine system.  The endocrine system regulates the metabolism, growth, energy levels and sexual function as well as attitude. The nutrients from Maca Root directly support the endocrine system and it helps the glands to produce the right level of hormones that your body will need.

Women over 40 can control weight gain and lose belly fat associated with hormonal imbalance naturally without hormone therapy. To lose weight after 40, you MUST start an exercise program that incorporates cardio and resistance training. Cardio burns fat and resistance training builds lean muscle and lean muscle will help your body to continuously burn fat and calories even at rest.  Fitness programs like P90X, Insanity, ChaLEAN Extreme, Les Mills Pump and TurboFire are great programs that will help you to build lean, fat burning muscle and help you to shed belly fat associated with weight gain after 40.  You must also eat a clean diet high in protein and you MUST remove simple complex carbohydrates from your diet. It is this food group that is causing you to feel sluggish and is  contributing to excessive overeating and binging resulting in weight gain and hard to lose belly fat. You should definitely make sure your diet includes Maca Root.  You can get your daily dose of Maca Root by drinking Shakeology which also has other ingredients that your body needs to lose weight after 40 and maintain a fit and healthy life.

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