P90X Phase 3 Begins Today

I have officially survived the first two phases of P90X.  I can’t believe I made it this far and I STILL look forward to doing the workouts. These last five weeks are going to be challenging.  In phase 3, I will be alternating between the phase one exercises and phase two exercises.

This week will be all of the workouts from phase one weeks one through three.  For some strange reason I thought it would be easier the second time around but I’m realizing very quickly that it’s just as difficult today as it was eight weeks ago. I can definitely see why the muscle confusion concept really helps you to see results.  My body is responding to these workouts as if it were the first time I’ve ever done them. I’m just as worn out and sweaty today as I was on day one.

When Tony Horton created this workout he knew exactly what the body needed to get great results.  If you’ve started P90X or plan to start you couldn’t have made a better decision. You’ll only be mad at yourself for not doing it sooner.

If I would have given in 7 months ago to that lil voice telling me not to do it and that nothing from those late night infomercials really work (except for the Magic Bullet), I would have been in the best shape of my life months ago.  But I can’t beat myself up about it now. I can only move forward and be glad that I did finally give in to that lil voice.  You should too! Oh and if that lil voice told you not to get a Magic Bullet and you’ve wondered if the Magic Bullet really works, I use mine daily. You will definitely need one for your protein shakes.

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