Is Les Mills’ Pump Safe for Home Use?

Prior to the release of Les Mills Pump, I wanted to learn more about Les Mills, his organization and the Bodypump workout.  I began reading the Les Mills website as well as the forums and was shocked and a little offended at the negative comments that the Les Mills certified trainers made about Les Mills’ organization’s decision to team up with Beachbody to offer a home based version of their Bodypump workout as well as the negative comments made about Beachbody.

Aside from the really negative and horrible comments, one thing that I found to be a common issue or concern was the ability of the home user to use proper technique without injury that the certified instructors felt could only be taught in the gym version of the class.  I read these comments prior to the release the Beachbody’s Les Mills’ Pump fitness program.  So this was one of the things that I was going to look out for when I got my Pump workout.

One of the seven dvds includes a workout titled “Pump Basics”. This dvd carefully goes over the equipment included in the kit and all of the techniques common to each type of workout. It reviews proper form versus incorrect form.  It also reviewed proper placement of your hands on the bar for various exercises as well as your feet for the lower body exercises.  I like how the instructors showed what improper form looked like and continued to remind you of proper form during the workout.

During the first two weeks, you’ll do the Pump Challenge workout which is a 25 minute workout that gets you accustomed to the Les Mills series of workouts. Throughout each track the instructor continues to review proper form and technique for that track or workout.  For example, during the lunge track the instructor goes over, in great detail, proper foot placement and technique as if you’ve never done a lunge before which is great for beginners and those who have been working out for years.

After having completed over 3 weeks of the Les Mills Pump, I can honestly say that the instructors chosen to represent the Les Mills organization are great, enthusiastic and are excellent teachers who constantly reinforce proper technique.  You can tell that proper technique and form is something that the Les Mills organization has continued to reinforce in its training and certification.  You can also tell that the instructors want you to be successful and get the most out of each of your workouts. I really enjoy doing these workouts and can’t wait until I complete the 90 day program.  I believe all fitness levels can benefit from the Les Mills Pump fitness program so don’t be afraid to do this workout or think that you’re not ready even if you are a beginner.

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