Weight Loss Program Day 28 – The Eat Clean Diet Stripped

I finished The Eat Clean Diet Stripped weight loss program! It was an easy plan to follow and I didn’t deprive myself or starve on this weight loss program.  I believe that’s most people’s biggest concern is not being able to eat good food and not feeling hungry.  These are the main reasons why this weight loss program is so successful and you see results.

I lost 9 lbs on this weight loss program.  The only problem is that I didn’t lose them consecutively.  I initially lost 5 lbs gained four and then lost 4 lbs again.  When I gained weight I was not too upset because I knew it was muscle gain because my clothes immediately fit a lot loser and some pants were too big. I know that the immediate weight loss was my body adjusting to the new weight loss plan along with the demanding ChaLEAN Extreme workout videos.

Although I would have liked to see the 9 pounds lost on this weight loss program to have been consecutive, I’m not disappointed in my results.  I did have problems during week three on the plan as I mentioned in my previous post for Day 21.  I didn’t properly plan my meals and found myself getting hungry as a result and not eating because I didn’t want to make unhealthy choices out of hunger and desperation.   So that’s strictly my fault.  However I do plan to do this weight loss program again after a one week break.

Overall, The Eat Clean Diet Stripped is an excellent weight loss program and I highly recommend that you get the book and read it cover to cover. It gets TWO THUMBS UP! It will help you to understand the foods you eat and why cutting out certain ones is imperative to lose that stubborn 10lbs that we struggle to lose. This is one of the simplest weight loss programs in that it doesn’t require you to buy foods that you wouldn’t normally eat or spend money on ingredients for meals that you will only use for that particular meal. That is a problem for me when I follow strict meal plans.  I love the versatility that The Eat Clean Diet Stripped weight loss program offers.

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  1. August 11, 2011 at 2:08 pm #

    My wife and I have jumped on this diet and have seen amazing results in our health! Thanks for posting!

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