Week 3 Begins with Chest & Back

This is my third and final time performing this particular workout during Phase 1 of P90X.  I was dripping sweat like Plyometrics (tomorrows workout) after completing the Chest & Back.  This workout consists of multiple versions of the push up and pull ups.  The various types of push ups include the regular push up, military push up, wide push up, decline push up, diamond push up and the dive bomber push up.  The pull ups workout which can be done with bands or the pull up bar featured the regular pull up, close grip pull up, wide grip and reverse grip.  This workout alternates between push ups and pull ups as well as three other back workouts.  WHEW! This was a tough workout!

 Although I stated that I would start using the pull up bar this week for my pull up exercises, I admit I continued to use the bands because I never got around to putting the pull up bar together.  On my next back workout which is Friday (Christmas morning) I will use the pull up bar during my Legs and Back routine.  Yes, I do plan to workout Christmas morning.  I still got an effective pull up workout with the bands.  You don’t have to use the pull up bar because it is optional. I like using the Bodylastics Bands.  For my pull up routine I used the 19lb bands and I got a really good back workout.  I will be feeling this workout all day today. 

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