The Eat Clean Diet Stripped Day 2

The one thing I can definitely say about the “stripped” down version of The Eat Clean Diet is that I AM NOT HUNGRY at all!! When you go on a diet that restricts what you can and cannot eat the first thing you think about is that you’re going to be hungry and that you’re going to fail because of it.  The Eat Clean lifestyle, if followed, will keep you satisfied all day long.  You’ll only get hungry or feel hunger pangs if you don’t eat or get busy at work and forget to eat your meals.  Otherwise you will feel completely satisfied while following this version of The Eat Clean Diet but the key is to PLAN your meals ahead of time. If not, you will get hungry and you will cheat.

Again, you must remember that this is a 28 day plan only to help you lose 10 lbs and after you lose that stubborn 10lbs you will go back to the regular eat clean lifestyle you were living before trying to stripped version.  So you only have to cut out some of the foods for only one month and that also includes your glass of wine or favorite happy hour drink for one month.  In addition to following this plan, I’m continuing my regular workout program which is P90X.  I’m not doing the fitness program that the author provides in the book although it is a great workout and is also comprehensive like the P90X fitness program.

P90X is a Beachbody fitness program and I like doing the Beachbody programs so I’m going to stick with what I know works for me.  I need a fitness program that has the workout schedule mapped out so I already know what I’m doing and I don’t have to plan or figure out what I’m doing that day.  That is why I love doing the Beachbody fitness programs. I just refer to the workout calendar that’s included to see what my workout will be that day and pop in the DVD and press play. Or, I can log into the Team Beachbody website and auto schedule my workout program and each day I log on I visit the online Supergym to see what my workout is for that day and I log that workout online and I’m automatically entered into the daily sweepstakes to win daily cash or prizes.  I don’t have to worry about driving to the gym, finding a place to park, trying to find a locker and then waiting to use the machines I need to use for that days workout. By the time it takes to do all of that,  I would be finished with my P90X workout which makes working out at home very convenient and hassle free and the results are awesome.  Being a busy, career mom having a convenient easy to follow fitness program helps me to stick with my fitness regime and following the eat clean lifestyle helps me to stay on track with my diet. That’s why I highly recommend the eat clean “lifestyle” to all the busy women because there’s no daily, strict diet you have to stick to and Beachbody programs makes reaching your goals as easy as pushing play on your DVD player.


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