P90X – Started Phase Two This Week

I’m approaching the end of the first week of Phase 2.  I saw great results with Phase 1 and Phase 2 has been off to a great start.  I really like the results I’ve been seeing. The inches are literally melting. I look in the mirror every day and I can’t believe what I see in such a short period of time.  Its unbelievable!! My neighbor noticed my transformation and asked me what I’ve been doing. I told her I was doing P90X. She mentioned that she had reached a plateau with her workout.  I recommended that she try it.  She stopped by yesterday to tell me she was starting p90x on Monday.

The concept of “muscle confusion” is the key to this program’s success. By changing your workout before you plateau improves your results and helps you get the body you want.  Don’t just say “this year I’m gonna lose the weight”. Just do it and P90X or one of the BeachBody products will help you to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.

If you’re just starting out and P90X is too advanced for your fitness level (believe me this is not a beginners workout). You can start out with a different BeachBody product and work your way up to P90X. I suggest trying Slim In 6 which is a great program or Power90.  The great thing about these products is that you start to see results immediately which provide a great tool for motivating you to keep getting up and pressing play.

So what are you waiting for. Get P90X and press play!

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