P90X Fitness Program Day 12 – Legs & Back with Ab Ripper X

I just finished my 12th day of the P90X fitness program.  I love working out my legs. What I really like about this workout is that a lot of the lower body exercises do not require weights but you still get a really good lower body workout.  My legs feel like jelly trying to go up and down the stairs.
The back workout consist of several variations of pull ups and chin ups.  You can use bands to complete the workouts or the pull up bar.  I like using the Bodylastic Bands. Bodylastic Bands are more durable than other bands that I’ve purchased in the past.  I also have the Iron Gym pull up bar because it allows you to complete all the different variations of pull ups in the P90X workout.  I’ll be honest I haven’t worked up my nerve to try the pull up bar. I thought I would save that for week 3 workout.  So next week I’ll get over my fear and start using the pull up bar. I have zero upper body strength so this will be a challenge.
The ab workout is very difficult.  Sometimes I feel like a loser because I can’t finish all reps of the exercise.  There are 11 different abdominal exercises with 25 reps each.  I have to remind myself that I am only on Day 12 and I’ll improve over time.  I always feel defeated by Ab Ripper X but I can definitely say that I do see the six pack forming so I just work harder the next time. If you want a nice, sexy core then try doing Ab Ripper X. You’ll definitely get there.  But you have to remember diet is key to achieving that sexy core.

Everyone always make New Year Resolutions to get in shape, lose weight and to live a healthier lifestyle.  Don’t wait until January 1st.  Start now!  I thought about waiting but I decided that if it’s worth having then why wait for it.  We tend to eat more or gain weight during the holidays but this workout has helped me to be more conscious about what I eat so I’m still able to get the results.  Once you start doing the workouts and seeing the results immediately you don’t want to mess it up with your diet.  So I say go for it and get it now.  Get started and if you do mess up just start over after the new year. At least you’ll know what you’re in for and if it’s not for you just return it for a full refund and find something that works for you.  Good luck and let me know how you’re doing. 

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