A Simple Weight Loss Plan to Lose 10 lbs in 28 Days

Lose weight and look greatAfter completing 14 days of The Eat Clean Diet Stripped weight loss plan, I have lost 6 pounds!  As mentioned in my previous post, my goal is healthy weight loss.  The Eat Clean Diet Stripped is a very healthy weight loss plan that will help you to lose those last 10lbs with a few sacrifices.  Although the foundation of this weight loss plan is based on The Eat Clean Diet book by Tosca Reno, it does require you to remove a few foods from your diet for 28 days that you will normally be able to eat following an “eat clean lifestyle”.  This weight loss plan is based on the principles fitness models use to get leaner and more defined physiques when preparing for competition or a photo shoot.

Overall I’m very satisfied with my progress and The Eat Clean Diet Stripped weight loss plan. It is helping me to achieve my fitness goals and I would definitely recommend this book or any of The Eat Clean Books by Tosca Reno.  Her books give you a great introduction and foundation to living an “eat clean lifestyle” as well as tasty recipes that the entire family can enjoy.  It will definitely help you to finally win the battle against weight loss and yo-yo dieting and help you better understand why living an “eat clean lifestyle” is not a “diet” but a simple weight loss plan that is better for your long term success at losing weight and keeping it off.  What we eat is 80% of the battle to losing weight and incorporating fitness into your life is the other 20%.

In addition to following this weight loss plan, I just completed P90X and I saw great results.  I am now starting ChaLEAN Extreme and supplementing it with the Brazil Butt Lift “Secret Weapon” workout.  As a Beachbody Coach, I have committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and I enjoy helping people do the same so I’m always sharing which fitness programs I’m doing.

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    thanks for all your help!! you are such a great coach and *friend* 🙂 im happy we met!

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