How I Feel About P90X After 6 Weeks

I just wish I had started P90X six months ago.  I had been watching the infomercials for months now and like most people who sit and watch late night infomercials wonder if it really works. Well, six weeks into the program I can definitely say YES!!! I have lost five pounds and a total of five inches.  When you see results like this it’s so motivating!! If you’re on the fence about getting P90X you have nothing to lose but the weight. It comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

What is P90X? It is one of the many BeachBody fitness products.  It is a 90 day EXTREME workout program that guarantees your success and results.  It is divided into three phases based on the concept of “muscle confusion”.  Most people hit a plateau during their workout programs and P90X is designed to keep you from hitting that plateau and continuously seeing results through muscle confusion.

It comes with a meal plan that corresponds with each phase of the workout. As you progress through the program your diet changes to keep up with the demands of each phase of the workout.  You will definitely not go hungry on this meal plan.  Sometimes you’ll feel like its too much food to eat.

So if you’re tired of making resolutions to lose weight and getting healthy and falling short of your goals, getting discouraged and giving up, try P90X. You will be extremely pleased with the results and so happy you did.   If you start now you will be ready for summer in only 90 days.  I know I will be!

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