Dynamic Set Training Will Help You Lose Belly Fat After 40

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On A Mission to Lose Fat and Build Muscle After 40

The success of Body Beast is based on Official Sagi Kalev’s training technique called “Dynamic Set Training”. This way of training is different from the “old school” way of weightlifting. Dynamic Set Training is based on a specific sequence of set and reps that are designed to to exhaust the muscle, recruit more muscle fiber and improves and increases muscle growth.

This method of training includes various types of sets that change with each phase of the program. You start with the Build Phase then move to the Bulk Phase and then the Beast Phase. There are two different programs to choose from depending on your goals. There is the Lean Program and the Huge Program. This is a 90 day program designed to help you gain 10lbs of muscle in 90 days. You will do Single Sets, Combo Sets, Super Sets, Giant Sets, Progressive Sets and Force Sets.

What makes this workout different from the methods that you’re accustomed to is how it’s designed to help you get results.  It’s not based on lifting heavy and doing 6-8 reps.  You will do three sets of an exercise.  The first set starts with a light weight and doing 15 reps. You will move to a heavier weight and do 12 reps and then increase the  weight again and complete 8 reps.  This method is used to complete the various types of sets mentioned above.  This is how you exhaust your muscles and see results a lot quicker. This Dynamic Set Training method is how you’re able to see results on this program.

Most of you are wondering why would I want to gain 10lbs of muscle. Well, I don’t want to gain 10lbs of muscle. My goal is to get lean and burn body fat. Will gain some muscle while I lose fat? Yep but that’s how our bodies respond to weight training. As a woman over 40,  you can do that with this program. I’ve said if before and I”ll say it again. Muscle Helps You To Burn Fat!!! It will increase your metabolism and you will continue to burn fat even at rest.  So that’s why I’m doing this program. This program is excellent for women who want to train differently than what they are accustomed to.  It a way to switch up your training and not get bored.  A lot of the women including myself have done P90X, P90X2, ChaLEAN Extreme, Insanity or Les Mills Pump. They even incorporate some of the cardio workouts from these various programs because this is not a cardio intense program.  You only do one day of cardio per week on the Lean program and NO cardio at all on the Huge program.  So if you don’t like cardio then this is the program for you! LOL

Here is a transformation that was posted on the Body Beast Facebook page of a woman who completed the program.  As you can see she has a very nice toned physique without bulky muscle.  This is a great example of a what a woman can expect with a Body Beast transformation!

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Honestly, I don’t think Beachbody thought that women would be doing this program.  The marketing for this product was definitely geared toward men.  I don’t think they gave it any thought that women who had graduated from P90X, Insanity or ChaLEAN Extreme would be interested in this program.  But what I’ve learned as a Coach and a woman who likes to lift weights and challenging workouts once a woman has started on her healthy and fitness journey and has made it part of her lifestyle programs like Body Beast will continue to help her meet her goals even if the program wasn’t initially marketed to her. Don’t take my word for it. Give it a try! You too can become a Beastette just like me!

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My Trainer, Body Beast Creator Sagi Kalev & Me

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