Core Synergistics

I thought the Plyometrics and Kenpo workouts were challenging but after completing the Core Synergistics workout the Plyo and Kenpo are easy.  After completing Core Synergistics, I had to sit for a second and catch my breath before completing the cool down phase.  This workout wore me out. I was out of it all day.  This workout is part of the recovery phase week so don’t let the term “recovery” phase fool you.

P90X challenges you in every phase of this program. Just when you thought you had a break here comes Core Synergistics! Whew! It works every body part in every way imaginable.  The whole focus of this workout is core training.  It focuses on multiple muscle groups that support the core muscles.  This workout will increase your heart rate and burn fat and calories.  So if you thought the Recovery Phase was going to be easy then you’re in for a rude awakening.

Are you still on the fence about P90X? Get off the fence, get P90X and start pushing play. You will so glad you did!

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