Eating Clean with ChaLEAN Extreme

The Eat Clean Diet Stripped book has one of the simplest weight loss programs to follow for people needing to shed that last 10 lbs.  After being on the weight loss program for 21 days, I found this week very challenging for me.  Not because the plan was difficult to follow but because I didn’t properly plan my meals. I consider this a big lesson learned and will make sure that I take time from my hectic schedule to plan my meals for the week.

When following The Eat Clean Diet Stripped, weight loss program or any weight loss program it is imperative that you plan your meals ahead of time.  I found myself hungry because I didn’t have enough food with me and didn’t want to eat something that was not a part of the plan.  Otherwise, you will NOT be hungry on this weight loss plan. The good thing is that I didn’t gain any weight but I didn’t lose any weight either but I did continue my fitness program.

I am currently doing the ChaLEAN Extreme fitness videos.  I am on Phase one of the fitness program which is called the Burn Phase. I didn’t think I would like it because I’ve done P90X fitness program but I totally love it and I can see how you can lose up to 60% of your body fat.

Chalene Johnson, the creator of the ChaLEAN Extreme fitness videos, works two muscle groups simultaneously with little rest in between each set.  This method increases you heart rate which burns fat while also building lean muscles which also burns fat by increasing your metabolism.  I would recommend ChaLEAN Extreme fitness videos to beginners and intermediate/advanced fitness levels because you can tailor the workout to fit your needs and goals.

What are you waiting for get your copy of The Eat Clean Diet Stripped and ChaLEAN Extreme today!

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