I love being a Beachbody Coach but…

I have fallen off the WAGON! Yes even us coaches are human!! LOL I stopped working out as much and stopped spreading the word about it as well. Let’s face it! I’m human!! When I am consistent with my workouts and nutrition, I am fit and feel good about myself. I really don’t have any excuses. I just fell off!

Two to three years ago, I didn’t let my two back to back knee surgeries keep me from staying on track.  I adjusted the workouts to work for me. When I had to do plyometrics or HIIT training I didn’t jump to the sky. I only did small jumps. When I had to do squats, I did a modified squat.  I’m saying this because people try to use their injuries or shortcomings as an excuse to not workout. I’m not using them as excuses. I haven’t been consistent. I would start, see results and then stop. I didnt that several times of the last 12 to 18 months. Now I’m at my fattest. But it’s not too bad and I can get back on track and lose the weight in no in about 10 to 12 weeks with some discipline and focus.

What I LOVE about Beachbody is that there is a program for every fitness level. You can even choose an intermediate or advanced workout and there will be a modifier to help you modify the moves for your level and experience. Beachbody takes the excuse out of getting in shape and living a healthy lifestyle. I do not have time to get to the gym. After a long commute or taking my daughter to dance during the week, I would either have to wake up at 430 in the morning to get to the gym or go late in the evening. That is NOT happening.

It’s a new year and I’m committed to getting my fit back and helping you as well. When you get closer to fifty, your body changes. I turn 50 in March! Weight gain and muscle loss which affects the metabolism is the main culprit. If you don’t start working to maintain your weight now before you hit 50 you will gain weight. This is what happened to me. I knew this and I was still caught off guard. I’m a fitness coach and preached and yelled from the mountain top about muscle loss and decreased metabolism. So I am going to get back on track and so are you. We are going to do this together.

I am selling ALL of my Beachbody workouts. Some are used and some are brand new!! I now have the Beachbody on Demand streaming service so I can access ALL workouts. It’s waaayyyy less expensive than buying a new workout after you complete one and want to try something else or move to a more advanced workout. If you’re interested in purchasing any of my Beachbody programs visit my eBay page and get your workout.

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I can’t wait to try this workout on Beachbody on Demand (BOD)! 80 Day Obsession!


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