Stuck Trying to Lose the Last 10lbs?

Losing that last 10lbs is no easy task. Sometimes you have to step back and completely switch up your approach to re-ignite your weight loss and fat burning to jump start your metabolism. I have been stuck for a couple of weeks. I have been trying to lose the last 10lbs with no success.  I decided to look at other options outside of my normal way eating clean. Sometimes your body gets used to a certain way of eating or working out and stops responding to your meal plan or workout regimen.  Sometimes you have to shock your system into losing weight. I decided to look at some things I’ve tried in the past as well as some options I’ve come across while reading magazines or browsing the internet.  I’ve also reached out to others in one of my FB groups who have experienced the same thing, overcame it, and reached their goals to see what they did.

Eat Clean Diet Stripped

When I was trying to lose weight years ago after having a baby, I reached a plateau when trying to lose that last 10lbs. I was a fan of Tosca Reno, the author of the Eat Clean Diet book and decided to try her book The Eat Clean Diet Stripped.  This would be a great option for someone to try who has 28 days to compete.  What I have tried in the past and succeeded was Tosca Reno’s, The Eat Clean Diet Stripped. It is a 28-day meal plan designed at helping you lose that last 10lbs.  It was years ago that I tried this meal plan and I succeeded in losing the weight. The concept and meal plan is simple. It took my current way of eating clean, “stripped” a couple of food groups out like dairy, and added others like more fat.  This is an effective and simple solution that will get you across the finish line.

Quick Weight Loss

Alternatives that I have not tried but I am considering because I’m being a little impatient and don’t want to wait 28 days. I want quicker results. These two resources will help you to get there quicker but safely. They are the Zero Belly Fat Diet by David Zinczencko, the author of the popular Abs Diet, and The 17 Day Diet by Dr. Mike Moreno. They both yield quick results but without starvation. They have great advice that you can incorporate into your maintenance plan or for continued weight loss if you have more than 10lbs to lose.  If you have a specific event you’re trying to get ready for then either one of these options will serve that purpose.

Popular Diets

If you’re looking for other options to your weight loss plan then consider looking into the Ketogenic Diet also known as Keto or the Paleo Diet. I have never tried either one but I’ve been reading a lot about the Keto Diet lately. I’m also in a women’s weight lifting group on FB and a lot of the ladies have successfully lost weight and built lean physiques on these plans.  Click the links and check them out and see if either could work for you.

Final Thoughts

I just wanted to remind you that sometimes in addition to changing your diet you may want to look at your workout plan. Are you continuing to challenge yourself? Just like your diet your body can also adapt to the workout and you’re no longer getting results. So if you’re looking to ramp up your workout then take a look at 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme.

Let me know if you have tried any of these and share your experience. Once I decide which one I plan to choose I will provide updates on my progress.


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