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Over 40 Weight Gain Causing Your Butt To Spread? Here’s Your Solution

Has over 40 weight gain have you suffering from a butt that seems to get wider every time you look in the mirror? Does your heinie sag to the back of your knees? Does your booty look like a bowl of cottage cheese?  Does your butt need a lift? If you can answer yes to […]

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Is Les Mills’ Pump Safe for Home Use?

Prior to the release of Les Mills Pump, I wanted to learn more about Les Mills, his organization and the Bodypump workout.  I began reading the Les Mills website as well as the forums and was shocked and a little offended at the negative comments that the Les Mills certified trainers made about Les Mills’ […]

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Les Mills Pump Phase 2 – Get Ready to Pump & Shred

Les Mills Pump Phase 2 started on a HIGH note. Phase 2 started with the introduction of Les Mills Pump – Pump and Shred workout.  I thought Pump and Burn was a tough workout but Pump and Shred takes the Les Mills Pump workout to the next level.  I just LOVE this workout!! This is […]

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Sculpt Lean Muscle with Les Mills Pump & Get Fit After 40

I just finished Phase 1 of Les Mills Pump home fitness program.  This program is a great program for any fitness level.  No matter where you are on your fitness journey you can still start with Les Mills Pump.  It is a low impact but high intensity fitness program that provides modifications for beginners and […]

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Week One Les Mills’ Pump Home Fitness Program

After completing 8 days of Les Mills Pump home fitness program, I am pleasantly surprised at how simple but extremely effective this fitness program is.  It’s simple because it takes basic weight training exercises – lunges, squats, chest press and shoulder exercises, add great music and A LOT of repetitions and you have an awesome […]

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