What’s so Great About Himalayan Salt? It’s Just Salt Right?

When I was doing my healthy cleanse and detox I had to use Himalyan salt in my recipes.  Himalayan Salt is completely natural, free from toxins,relatively untouched and has over 70 trace minerals. I absolutely LOVE cooking with it now since doing the Beachbody UltimateReset.  I even seasoned some turkey cutlets for my kids when and my son complimented me on the taste. He said that he seasoning was very good. I told him it was Himalayan salt.

We all know that salt is an essential mineral our bodies need but just regular table salt is not very good for us in it’s current form.  There is a huge difference between just regular table salt and Himalayan salt.  Himalayan salt is the purest form of salt on earth that is uncontaminated with toxins and pollutants. It is mined by hand in the Himalayan Mountains. The Himalayan people sold and traded Himalayan salt for centuries in Nepal by yak through the cliffs and rough terrain.


Benefits of Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt has many health benefits and should be added to our diets. Below is a list of some of the benefits of using Himalayan salt.

  • Regulates water content throughout the body
  • Promotes blood sugar health
  • Helps to reduce signs of aging
  • Promotes overall sinus health and reduces sinus problems
  • Promotes a healthy pH balance
  • Aids in vascular health
  • Reduces muscle cramps
  • Increases bone strength
  • Naturally promotes healthy sleep
  • Reduces chances of getting arthritis, gout and rheumatism
  • Reduces chances of developing gallstones and kidney stones
  • Helps to reduce cellulite
  • Creates a healthy libido
  • Supports a healthy respiratory function

Since my 21 day healthy cleanse and detox, I have continued to use Himalayan salt when I prepare my meals. Because it’s more salty in taste than regular table salt and Sea Salt, I only have to use a small amount. It comes in rock salt form and I have to grind it over my food.  I purchased it at Wegmans but you can get it from Vitacost or Amazon or any specialty food store like Whole Food or Trader Joes.


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