The Eat Clean Stripped Diet Helps with Weight Gain After 40

Losing that last ten pounds can be a challenge especially when losing weight over 40.  I know that diet plays an important role in helping you to reach that final goal.  Although I eat clean daily and pack my cooler of clean eats for work,  I knew that I had to tweak my diet to lose those last few pounds but I didn’t know where to begin.  I received an email from Oxygen magazine (my FAVORITE fitness mag) promoting Tosca Reno’s new eat clean book that was geared toward losing that last ten pounds.  I was so excited because I finally had an answer to my prayers and I was already a fan of the The Eat Clean Diet book and I owned the Eat Clean Diet Cookbook.  Tosca Reno’s new addition to the Eat Clean family is called The Eat Clean Diet Stripped.

This book answered all my questions about what it takes to lose that final ten pounds after reaching a “diet” plateau.  Tosca Reno knows and understands what you’re going through and how frustrating it is trying to lose that final ten especially when you’re eating clean and working out. Tosca Reno started her fitness journey after 40 and totally understands the challenges women losing weight after 40 and building a defined physique.   This book offers advice on how fitness models eat when preparing for competition or photo shots and what it takes to peel away that last layer of fat to reveal a more defined and toned physique which IS what I was looking for but didn’t know how to achieve.

What I like about The Eat Clean Diet Stripped is that it breaks down the science behind the food to help you understand why following the plan will help you see the results you’re looking for.  For instance, she gives in depth information on the importance of protein especially when you’re trying to lose weight.  The book also takes into account and gives tips on various diets like vegetarian and gluten free.  I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who has reached a “diet plateau” and would like to blast fat and lose that last 10 pounds.  If you have more than ten pounds to lose then I recommend The Eat Clean Diet Recharged.  However, if you’re battling over 40 weight gain and need to lose ten pounds then The Eat Clean Diet Stripped is what you need to reach your goals and break the diet plateau.

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