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Hormonal imbalance and getting my weight under control has been a constant struggle.  I don't know about you but sometimes being over 40 and dealing with hormonal imbalance suck. There are days when I just want to just give up and accept that hormonal imbalance is apart of life and just learn to live with it because that’s what our mothers and grandmothers did. I'm SOOOOO tired of the CRAZY CRAVINGS for something sweet and then later I’m craving something salty. I'm all too familiar with the struggles we women deal with being over 40 and trying to maintain hormonal health, lose weight, keep it off and live a healthier lifestyle. 

I had a baby at 41 years old and started working out to lose the baby weight. From the pics below you can see I did succeed but I also gained it back but I didn't understand why.  The older I got the more I struggled. I didn't really pay attention to every aspect of my diet and I didn't realize that my hormones played a huge role in my lack of success. I had no idea I was losing muscle and my metabolism was slowing down as I got older. My workouts didn't focus on strength training. I also didn't know that I should be eating a balance of protein, fats and more complex carbs. 

So what did I do? I started focusing on my diet. I realized my diet was missing the key nutrients my body needed to naturally balance my hormones. Understanding the four FAT hormones has helped me to understand what was making me fat. Knowing that eating a balanced diet played a significant role in balancing my hormones made it easier for me to start working toward my goals.  I also started working out for at least 30 minutes every day to include more strength training.  What I have learned on this journey is that the results don't happen overnight, it takes time, patience and CONSISTENCY and it's OK to mess up because I'm human. Having someone to hold me accountable so I can reach my goal helps tremendously. We can all use some encouragement to help us along the way and someone who understands our pain and struggles.


Balanced hormones can improve almost every aspect of your life. When your hormones are in balance your body will become more lean and operate efficiently.  When your hormones are balanced you will have less food cravings, your metabolism will increase so you are constantly burning fat and calories.  You will also experience a better nights sleep and be in a better mood and less irritable. Overall you will be able to improve your quality of life and health by balancing your hormones. You will be able to achieve healthy and sustainable weight loss which is what we all want at this stage in our lives.

There are four hormones that are making you fat. When these hormones are out of balance they contribute to weight gain and belly fat which will ultimately lead to other health problems like diabetes and heart related issues.  Hormonal imbalance is one of the key factors that have contributed to obesity. Our lifestyles and diet are key contributors to our weight problems. By understanding how your hormones are making you fat and making it difficult to lose weight and keep it off, you are able to avoid those things that are contributing to your hormonal imbalance as well as implement those things that can keep your hormones in check. The four hormones that are causing your body store extra fat are insulin, estrogen, leptin and cortisol. 


We have all heard of insulin and tend to relate it to diabetes. Insulin is a blood sugar hormone that regulates the blood sugar level. Insulin resistance is causes insulin to become your fat storage hormone. When your body stores excess fat it produces more insulin which is directly related to our diets.  Diets that are high in refined carbs like breads, crackers, bagels, desserts, candy bagels and pasta (all the things we love) and low on protein you are causing your body to store belly fat at an increased rate.  Too much sugar in your diet along with starchy carbs without a healthy balance of proteins, veggies and fruits causes sugar levels to increase and excess insulin is produced causing your body to store fat at an accelerated rate which keeps you fat. 


As women we have all heard of Estrogen but we may not know how it affects your body after age 40 and how it can contribute to weight gain.  There are three types of estrogen that is produced by the ovaries-Estradiol, Estrone and Estriol. Estradiol is the one that is the most prevalent during perimenopause which causes a lot of the symptoms we experience. Estrone is associated with fat storage. Estriol is most prevalent during pregnancy.  When our bodies have excess fat it makes hormones. The estrone is produced by the fat and is stored as belly fat and around the organs.  This types of fat leads to insulin resistance. 


Leptin is one of the four hormones you may have never heard of before.  It was actually discovered in 1994. If you have lost weight before but have also gained it back then you may likely have Leptin resistance. There has been a lot of research conducted about Leptin and how it affects your hormonal health.  I don't want to confuse you with all of the scientific information about Leptin. I only want to help you to understand what it is, how it affects your body and how it can cause you to gain weight. Leptin is the hormone that is produced by fat.  It communicates to the brain that you are hungry or full. When this hormone is out of balance, it doesn't signal to the brain that you are full and you keep eating. When you are overweight or obese your body produces too much Leptin. Leptin resistance causes you to crave junk food and high calorie food.  


Cortisol is another term you may have heard before but not know how it causes you to gain weight. Cortisol is produced by stress. Too much cortisol causes an increase in appetite and causes you to crave carbs that leads to weight gain and increased belly fat. Cortisol can also cause your metabolism to slow down which also causes weight gain.  Cortisol can lead to high blood pressure and cholesterol which can lead to other diseases caused by being overweight or obese. The increased fat from cortisol can lead to leptin and insulin resistance. 

As you can see these fat hormones are all interrelated and are the reason why women over 40 going through perimenopause and menopause experience weight gain, have a difficult time losing weight and have extra fat around the belly, hips and thighs. But you do not have to stay fat and you can balance you hormones and reduce the fat that fuels these hormones that keep you fat.  It starts with your diet. It's not going to be easy but it will take some discipline. Now that you know what is making you fat let's get started destroying your fat hormones so you can lose weight and KEEP IT OFF! 


Causes unexplained weight gain especially the extra fluffiness around the midsection that makes every outfit feel tight and uncomfortable.

Causes your body to store fat at an accelerated rate due to a slower metabolism, loss of muscle and fat storing hormones.

Causes food cravings and mindless late night snacking on refined, carbs that leads to even more weight gain.

Can lead to obesity, which can wreak havoc on your health and lead to heart disease, diabetes or even death.

We just need the most simple and effective way to lose weight and balance our hormones that doesn’t take a lot of time and effort. I am looking for SERIOUS and MOTIVATED women who have been struggling with hormonal imbalance and weight gain who are tired of being tired and ready to take control of your health and fitness. Now that you know what you need to do to finally start losing the weight and reaching your goals let's get started today. 

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